Test For Success Program

Test For Success Program

Kids Scholastic Foundation Of Alabama is introducing The Test For Success Program which is embarking upon an ambitious effort to dramatically scale up its efforts to help more students get into college. As part of this new extension model, we are partnering with the eKnowledge ™ Donation Project and low income schools to provide low income students and students through out Alabama with support to prepare for college. Through this collective impact model, Kids Scholastic Foundation Of Alabama will aid low income students in college preparation.

The Test For Success Program aims to provide low income high school students in and around Birmingham, Alabama, including rural areas, access to an interactive SAT and ACT test preparation program. Learn more about test prep options at: https://www.eknowledge.com/KSFA

You can also have access to a math tutoring software that will help student’s bridge math gaps. This software will cover math up to algebra I. Students can have access to this aplustutorsoft math software for a 1 month trial to help them prepare for the math component on the SAT/ACT tests as long as the promotion lasts.

You can also have access to a math tutoring software that will help student’s bridge math gaps. This software will cover math up to algebra I. Our goal is to help kids improve math skills, close math gaps and provide school supplies to kids in low income communities.

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APlusTutorsoft is specially designed to cater to individual & family needs with added flexibility to change the grade level for any student at any time.Family Math Package (to purchase) https://www.aplustutorsoft.com/shop/family-math-package

Do your kids have math learning gaps?Identify and close learning gaps in Math with one simple program!

Adaptive Math Package w/ Placement Testing : https://www.aplustutorsoft.com/shop/adaptive-math-curriculum

After School Math Help with 1 day coaching session per week: https://www.aplustutorsoft.com/shop/after-school-math-help

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20% off on Family Math Package and Adaptive Math Package - any duration (3-month or 1-year)

10% off on After School Math Help w/ Weekly Coaching

Schools, Administrators, and Large Groups can email me with number of students you wish to enroll for additional discounts at kidsscholasticcares@gmail.com or call Lynne Smith at 205-678-1265

When you enroll in a paid Aplustutorsoft program, please come back here to fill out a form to be registered for a laptop giveaway drawing to be held on December 10, 2020. If you enroll for any other APlustutorsoft program because you were referred from this site and there is no place to enter a promo code, just put 365tutor at the end of your last name and come back to fill out the drawing giveaway form. You will not be entitled to a discount if there is no p;ace for a promo code but you will receive a laptop entry for each student enrolled


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