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Ebook Library Access to Students in Elementary, Middle, and High School. We are offering eBook library access which provides an additional pathway for students to access reading materials and to read widely. This access will provides high-quality reading materials readily available on devices children are already using. It will provide access to reading materials during this time when physical books in libraries are not accessible. We are working with First book and Open E-Book to provide this free access. Students have unlimited access to titles in the app. They can borrow up to 10 books at a time and replace each book with a new book as many times as they’d like. They have access to borrowed books for 56 days and after that time the book will be inaccessible. To get access to the library, they—or an adult working with them—can download the Open eBooks app and enter their access code and PIN.

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Parents of high school students can request an All Ages Collection code which will give the student access to all ebooks in the library.


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